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One of Connecticut's oldest
home inspection companies.
Serving Connecticut for
over 20 years



Reports are available online within 36 hours of your inspection.  Your
report is NOT a check list, but a informative, narrative, easy to understand analysis of your property. Digital photos are included in the report to detail any deficient items.









Connecticut Home Inspector
 License # 87
Connecticut Supervisory Pest Control
License # S-3634
American Society of Home Inspectors
 Member # 10749

National Association of
Certified Home Inspectors

Member # 0803041


 Local Number:  (860)496-4616    
Fax Number:   (860)496-4618

1435 East Main Street #108
Torrington, Connecticut  06790


email us at

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The Building Inspector of Connecticut is an unbiased, impartial, independent home inspection company that offers a comprehensive, confidential report on the structural and mechanical condition of your property. We are able to offer you our experienced professional analysis, that will give you an objective viewpoint of the property you are considering buying.

When you are considering buying a house, you deserve the expertise of a professional that will take your concerns seriously. We take pride in our work and offer prompt and courteous service.

Why Do You Need A Home Inspection?
Buying a home is the single largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime. This purchase is one that involves many important decisions that will affect the lifestyle quality of you and your family for a long time.  A home inspection gives you the information you need to make an informed home investment decision, and minimize the chances of buying a house with problems you don't know about.

What Is A Home Inspection?
Ideally, you would want to have your home inspected by an engineer, an electrician, a plumber, and other service technicians. This would be time consuming, expensive, and impractical.

A professional home inspection is a comprehensive, visual examination of a house and its systems. A professionally prepared home inspection report will describe areas of the home that need attention, give you maintenance suggestions, and familiarize you with your new home.

Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. A home inspection gives you a greater understanding of the house you are about to buy, plus the information and peace of mind you need to make an informed decision.




                      Department of Environmental Protection





Website designed by: Tamaria
last updated: April 13, 2013








Sell Your House Faster




Notes from Past Clients



 Thanks so much for the inspection report, it arrived in yesterday’s mail.  I appreciate that Dave was able to take the time so quickly to schedule a home inspection; he was also a pleasure to work with, taking time to explain many things to me, and having patience with my questions.  I will recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection. 

Thank you also for the great address labels, what a nice touch.  Is it possible that you could forward the label layout to me so I would be able to print additional ones myself?  It was very thoughtful, but I would have no idea how to set it up myself. 

Once again, please pass my thanks on to Dave.



Dear Dave/Tamaria,
Tracie and I thank you for all your time and efforts that you have given us in helping us to receive our mortgage agreement.  Both of you were extremely generous in your efforts in promptness and effectiveness towards helping us achieve our mortgage.  There will be no hesitation on our part to recommend you to future clients.  Again, thank you so very much for your time and efforts.


Dave and Tracie


Dear Dave,
Just wanted to drop you a few words to say thank you for the very professional job regarding the building inspection you performed for me.  After watching you work I had already made up my mind to send your boss a letter commending your performance.  I must say it was a pleasant surprise to find from your business card that you were in fact the boss.  It was quite obvious that you are very knowledgeable and take pride in your work.


 Ed Corey


Dear Mr. Muirhead,
I am writing to thank you for the inspection you performed on our new home.  I was VERY please with the job you did for us and the advice you gave me concerning the house and how to avoid any problems that might arise, and fix what problems did exist.  I must say that I had been lead to believe that the house inspection would be nothing short of cold and impersonal, however this was not what I experienced at all.  Not only was the inspection very thorough, but you took the time to explain your findings and how they would affect the future life of the home. The most impressive thing to me was the fact that you took the time to investigate the two outlets on the outside of the house, and find  that they were connected to the timers on the stairs, which controlled the heat strip on the roof.  I felt that you went out of your way to find the answer for me, when you really didn't have to.  This is the difference between an adequate job and an outstanding one.
Again, Thank You
Terry Witt